Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Mad Fermentationist

This past holiday season, my wife gave me a great gift, a homebrew kit. With absolutely no homebrewing experience, I needed to do a lot of online research and reading of homebrewing books to become competent with the equipment. Through all this research, the one online resource that I kept referring to was the The Mad Fermentationist. The Mad Fermentationist documents homebrewing recipes, brewing methodology, and tastings of Michael Tonsmeire's outstanding collection of homebrews. Much of this outstanding beer collection revolves around his fondness of sour ales. Since I developed an affinity for sour ales, I was instantly drawn to keep reading and I have never missed a new post.
With very few "human" resources, I have sent Michael multiple questions via twitter and he always responds promptly with thorough answers (yes, I know there are only 140 characters. He's clever). Recently, Michael posted that he has accepted the position of beer consultant for a new upstart brewery in San Diego, Cal, Modern Times Beer. I wish him all the best with his new beer venture on the west coast. 

Cheers to the Mad Fermentationist!


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  1. Thanks, always happy to help a fellow homebrewer (or just get an excuse to talk sour beers).