Sunday, November 20, 2011

Allagash Brewing Company - Allagash White

There are many notable breweries located in New England, but Allagash Brewing Company is clearly in the upper echelon. Within this elite tier, Allagash has created a portfolio that is based in Belgian beer styles or an American interpretation of these historic styles. Throughout the development of this amazing portfolio, one beer has remained the staple since Rob Tod open the doors in 1995 -  Allagash White
After a very forceful pour, there is a very big, bubbly head that quickly receded and coated the glass. This witbier was straw-yellow in color and very cloudy. 
The aroma wafting from this beer was very bright and inviting. There is a beautiful marriage between lemon and orange notes. As the beer warmed, new fruit esters of pear and apple entered into the smell.
From the first sip to the last mouthful, Allagash White is very flavorful. The flavor profile is dominated by lemon and banana. After the initial banana and lemon notes, pepper notes and faint pear began to appear with the taste adding a very nice complexity. 
As a beer lover of silky or viscous body, I think the mouthfeel of Allagash White is its best quality. The slightly chewiness lead to a medium body with the appropriate amount of carbonation, moderate. 
Allagash White could quite possibly be the best flagship beer in New England. I know some people gravitate to Pretty Things' Jack D'Or or to Smuttynose IPA, but this beer can definitely stand up to any flagship contenders. Its 5%ABV and pleasant taste make Allagash White great for any time throughout the year. 


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